ADMISSION Free REGISTRATION can be done online and onsite at the venue for All Visitors doing the onsite registration they must register on arrival at the Venue. Registration cards must be obtained and completed before one can gain entry into the venue. Invitation cards may be obtained from the Organizers office at the Exhibition arena. Admission badges will be issued to all visitors and must be worn always for security reasons.
Key note: Subsequent entries can be made after day one without further registration provided that the assigned badges are won.

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So many attractions…

Whether you are a leading Food buyer, and industry professional or an enthusiast looking to learn more about high quality international cuisine, Agfopex Kano Nigeria is packed with things to see and do. Visitors and Buyers will be taken on a gastronomic journey, from Nigeria leading brands, to new global foods in the International Pavilion Area, through “Specialist World”, showcasing global food brands by sector. Exhibitors range from the biggest household names to the smallest and most specialist niche brands.
A highly interactive exhibition experience
Tasting and sampling of local and international foods and agricultural products
Food Marketing/packaging seminars: How to make your brand stand out on a crowded shelf space
Demonstrations and samples of products cutting across agriculture, food, packaging and machineries
Global and local Agriculture Business success stories

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  • Producer
  • Reseller
  • Importers/Distributors/Agents
  • Buyers/Importers also from other
  • African countries
  • Other professional of the field
  • Major retailers who are driving demand
  • Consumer
  • Hoteliers & restaurateurs
  • Dieticians / Nutritionists /
  • Food Technologists Airline
  • Institutional Catering Management
  • Hotel & Restaurant Chains & Franchising
  • Research & development institutions
  • Fast food chains
  • Food & agriculture consultants
  • Greenhouses & Equipment Suppliers
  • Nodal Government Agencies / Department
  • Banks & Insurance Services
  • Soil Testing Equipment /
  • Certification Companies
  • Agro Business Consultants / IT Services
  • Certification Industries
  • Caterers
  • Related Government Buyers / Military